There is considerable interest in the use of wood as an energy source. Current and impending environmental legislation, and world-wide demands and agreements to reduce carbon emissions, are all factors driving the demand for wood as a fuel. The end product use will determine raw material requirement and woodfuel specifications. There is potential for forestry to meet the demand for woodfuel from brash (foliage, branches and stems usually <7cm diameter), thinnings, or poor quality final crops in both conifer and hardwood crops. There is also the potential for the use of arisings from primary processing mills; this source will be heavily market dependent. Increasing legislation on the disposal of arisings from arboricultural operations offers the opportunity of another resource.

This site details the background, aims and methods used in a study of the potentially available Woodfuel Resource in Great Britain, and presents the findings in an interactive manner. This enables users to request the data they are interested in by geographic region, type of woodfuel resource and by various classes of resource.

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Woodfuel Resource
Study into the potentially available woodfuel resource of Great Britain
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